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The departure ports of Toremar to Pianosa are: Piombino and Rio Marina, and as arrival the port of the island, the same routes are available in the opposite direction. The transport service is guaranteed all year round, both in summer and winter, except in exceptional cases. For these routes Toremar uses large ferries, equipped with the most modern comforts, on board you can find: Bar cafeteria, TV, access for the disabled, air conditioning, anti-roll and play area for children and many others, it is also possible to transport cars, campers, work vehicles or various materials. Using our search engine you can immediately check availability and prices of your ferry or hydrofoil to Pianosa in real time.

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The DEPART EARLIER formula allows you to travel on Moby and Toremar routes even with an earlier departure time than the one booked, subject to availability.
Up to 100 departures per day: every 20 minutes there is a departure at your disposal!

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Discovering Pianosa

Its name comes from its flat morphology, which makes it perfect for a day trip with the whole family! Numerous visits are organised daily by the Park Authority, such as a visit to the Catacombs, the House of the Agronomist or the Museum of Geological and Archaeological Sciences. Not only trekking though! In fact, it is also possible to go mountain biking, horse riding or kayaking to enjoy the beautiful coastline.