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The Toremar Rio Marina Piombino route is the shortest and Toremar ferries take around 40 minutes to travel it. It is only served by motor vessels, with the possibility of embarking and disembarking vehicles and passengers. The frequency of trips varies depending on the season: in summer, Toremar operates several daily trips that guarantee relatively short waiting times and queues.

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Discover the DEPART EARLIER formula

The DEPART EARLIER formula allows you to travel on Moby and Toremar routes even with an earlier departure time than the one booked, subject to availability.
Up to 100 departures per day: every 20 minutes there is a departure at your disposal!

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Discover Rio Marina, one of the ports on Elba Island

Once a fundamental locality for the economy of the entire island, Rio Marina was the site of an important iron deposit and was home to numerous mines, the last of which closed in the early 1980s. In fact, this small village owes the particular reddish and shimmering colouring of its beaches precisely to the ferrous soil. Don't miss the Mining Art Museum, the characteristic Clock Tower and its promenade full of restaurants and cafés.